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My adventures as a first year teacher.

A sneak peak! 

After I completed the background check process at HR today, I called my principal to see if it would be ok to come into the school to look at the room I would be in so I could start planning. I can’t really do much as of yet because the previous 2nd grade teacher is still moving out. Anywho, I went in today and realized that the school layout is in the “open/pod” style. That means…no classroom door, and the entire world can hear my loud mouth. I wasn’t aware of this initially, so it took me by surprise. It’s just…different. However, this is happening. Experiencing something new is always positive. 

According to my research, this style has been around since the 70s. It just makes me nervous because of volume control with my kids…and myself. I’m naturally a loud person and I sing and make weird noises as I teach so…yeah, I mean obviously I’ll have to tone it down. I just have so many questions. Can I play music? Are certain activities off limits? WILL THE ENTIRE WORLD HEAR ME? 

For those who teach in this open/pod classroom style, do you have any management tips? Advice?

  1. owenmakesstuff answered: I sub regularly in an elem. school with the pod style. Music actually helps because it creates a noise barrier from the distracting stuff.
  2. msnickelodeon answered: i spent k-5th grade in a school with no walls! you and the kids learn to block out the noise. i can focus like no one else!
  3. edukaition answered: I am teaching in an open concept school this year for the first time and have the same worries. I think you just get used to the noise!
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    Thanks for the feedback you guys. I went up to the school again today to meet the principal and to take a look around...
  5. grouchyteacher answered: As a child of the 70
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    I student taught in a classroom that was “open concept”. I surprisingly didn’t find it distracting at all. I rarely...
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    That kind of set-up is on the top of my WHAT WERE THEY THINKING education gimmick list, and that ain’t a short list. One...
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    I shared a room with 3 other teachers. At times we would have about ~40 kids in a regular sized room. I don’t really...
  10. windycitylibrarian answered: No advice, but just wanted to say congratulations and there’s nothing like seeing your classroom for the first time.
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